Mull, Iona, and the Scottish Isles (2018) / by Martin Siggers

I've now been out to Mull and Iona three times, which means I've had a good chance to see and photograph a lot of the place. That, and the fact the trip was mostly gifted with weather that was a distinct step down from my previous visits (read: absolutely awful), meant that it was considerably more difficult than before to put together an album I felt was good enough to share.

It's good to challenge yourself artistically though, and in the process I hope I've put together a collection that's perhaps a bit less focused on the obvious shots, and more unconventional and less 'touristy' than before.

In this collection you'll notice I tended towards the ultra-wide 16:9 aspect ratio a lot, which helps to capture the scale of the vast, sweeping landscapes, as well as perhaps a slightly greater tendency towards black-and-white work than before, which helps with mood setting and getting the most out of heavily overcast days.

While I continued to enjoy the portability and convenience of the OM-D E-M1 and accompanying lenses, the poorer conditions and lighting really did make me pine for the resolution and range of a larger sensor camera, and I think if I'm lucky enough to return again I may consider lugging along a D810 and a bunch of weighty lenses. For now though, please enjoy these shots from a slightly damp, but still very beautiful place.