On Assignment: Tom & Rebecca's Wedding / by Martin Siggers


It’s an oft-repeated truth that if you’re going to be an event photographer, you’re going to have to get used to shooting a wide variety of different types of location. Nevertheless, this one was surprising even to me - a wedding in a registry office is pretty standard fare sure, but holding the reception in a 14th century underground vault was certainly something I’d never have expected.

Scouting the location beforehand is always good practice and was absolutely vital in this case. Because I’d popped in a few months beforehand when I first took on the job, I knew the low ceilings and clashing lighting styles would demand a certain style of shooting and a certain type of equipment. With so little available light and so much hustle and bustle, zooms were absolutely out of the question. Instead I paired 85mm and 24mm primes with some on-camera flash shapers to create a setup that let me move around with relative ease and grab all the important moments. Hopefully the results speak for themselves. It was a stunning setting for a very enjoyable day, and it was a lot of fun to join in with the celebrations for the happy couple.