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Photoessay: Venice in 2012 by Martin Siggers

I've always believed in the value of going back to your older work and looking over it - it's an important part of our growth as artists and a reminder of what's gotten better and what still needs to be done. With that in mind, here's a fun little throwback to my trip to Venice some five years gone. At the time I was shooting with my long departed Olympus PEN E-PL1, without a doubt the most...affordable camera on the market at the time. Paired with the plastic fantastic kit lens and Olympus's truly awful 17mm f/2.8 (to this day one of the worst lenses I've ever had the misfortune to use), it was hardly what you'd call a cutting edge setup, but I'm still pretty happy with a lot of the shots I bought home. The benefit of another half decade of experience means I'd do a lot of things different now of course, but I think these images hold up pretty well. Enjoy!

City of a Thousand Spires: Prague 2016 by Martin Siggers

Prague is renowned as one of the great photographic cities of the world, and after my first visit there it's easy to see why. Largely untouched by military action during World War II, it remains a magnificent spread of medieval, renaissance and enlightenment architecture, crowned by its magnificent hillside castle and cathedral. packed full of back-alleys, hidden gems, and friendly people it's a must for any travelling photographer in my opinion.

Above is a brief sample of my latest week-long journey to the city, mostly comprised of shots hurriedly grabbed between sightseeing activities. As is custom for travel work, I took the Olympus O-MD E-M5 with me and it was once again a sterling performer, though I did occasionally yearn for the greater resolving power and dynamic range of the Nikons. Perhaps I'll look into an all-in-one travel lens and take the D600 next time. For now enjoy these shots, and if you're interested you can find a more comprehensive version on Flickr and Facebook

Shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 by Martin Siggers

Anybody who knows me knows it's no secret that I love SLRs. To me even the latest generation of electronic viewfinders hasn't gotten close to the accuracy and precision of optical, and the bigger sensors and more robust bodies of SLRs have always seemed like insurmountable advantages to me. However, mirrorless is definitely the wave of the future and the advantages are difficult to deny - smaller size and lighter weight are vital for those out and about with their cameras every day. I've maintained a small mirrorless system  since the early days of the format, relying on  Olympus's 2010 E-PL1 as my walkabout camera. The format has undergone huge shifts since those early days though and the result is the E-PL1 is now something of a dinosaur. Enter the  E-M5.

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